Getting to Know Olivia Dipede

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My Career Journey

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Getting to Know Pia Shah

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Social Media and Its Link to Perfectionism

Maya Kapouranis, a Toronto-based influencer joins the BTG fam to discuss social media and it’s link to perfectionism. Keep reading to hear how she navigates the social media world, it’s impacts, and her tips on how to practice self love.

Getting to Know Laura Jade Stone

Hi BTG Fam! We are back with another amazing interview with the one and only, Laura Jade Stone, fashion and lifestyle instagram influencer with nearly 1M IG followers.  If you head on over to her feed, you will notice Laura…

Getting to Know Torri Webster

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Getting to Know Elanna McGowan

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Getting to Know Samira Radmehr

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Getting To Know Pia Muehlenbeck

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Inside the Mind of An Influencer Manager

OKAY, the time has come for me to dish all my tips on how to be more successful as a content creator based on my 3+ years of experience in the influencer industry.